Client Testimonials

Jana and her 8 year old son

Buyer - Magnolia

"When it came time to purchase my first home, I wasn't really sure where to start. Dave and Karina helped me from start to finish, hooking me up with a great loan officer, negotiating a super competitive price, and even helping me organize my move. I am a single mom with a tight schedule and his experience made the process a breeze.

That was almost 8 years ago and now my home has more than doubled in value. I still work with him and his team, and now I own several investment properties in addition to the home I live in."

Meg and Sam

Sellers - Queen Anne

"We inherited a number of rental houses from our parents and were looking for someone that could help us make good decisions with these properties. Karina and Dave looked at our portfolio and developed a plan. They had a contractor that was able to fix a lot of the deferred maintenance within a limited budget and maximize our selling price.

The entire project was a success! We are looking forward to working with them in the future and continuing the rental business our parents started."

Joe and David

Buyers - North Seattle

"My partner and I transferred from Baltimore and were looking for a great starter home in Seattle. A friend of ours referred us to Dave and Karina. We both have experience fixing houses so we were looking for something that would be a good deal and a decent starting place for our dream project.

Their intuition was priceless, as they found us a fixer that fit us perfectly at a price that would make your jaw drop! They really listened to us and our needs and I have since recommended them to several co-workers and friends. Thanks!"