About Our Team

Dave Flowers

Skyline Properties Inc.
Real Estate Broker

"My romance with this beautiful city began in my early twenties. I'll never forget the night I arrived from California - with everything I owned packed into my little Chevy Camero! It was so exciting! I remember being dazzled by the lights from downtown as they seemed to sparkle in the paint on my hood as I drove by Pike Public Market that first night. It seemed like no matter where you go in this amazing place, you can find something interesting to gaze at.

That was many years ago and, not surprisingly, I still feel the same thing about Seattle - I am in love with it! As you might guess, I am a passionate person in all areas of my life. As a professional Real Estate Broker, I have a lot to offer you. First and foremost, I am genuine and honest. I have passion for homes, which is one of the main reasons I originally decided to pursue Real Estate as a career.

In addition, my background in technology and the arts give me a natural advantage in the marketing of properties. From eye-popping photography to great graphic design to web-based marketing, I can build the superior marketing materials needed to make a home look it's best.

Lastly, being a happy and upbeat person, hiring me as your Real Estate Broker will be as enjoyable as it is professional - people tell me that my outrageously positive attitude rubs off on everyone around me!

Currently, I live on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle and I still walk around the neighborhoods, taking it all in. My other interests and endeavors include owning an independent record label (interactive jack records), playing piano, commercial photography, spending time with my son and my cats, and doing the usual northwestie stuff like being outdoors and drinking latte's when it's raining."

Karina Chemali

Skyline Properties Inc.
Real Estate Broker

"I love what I do- helping people sell or buy their house - and I take great pride in helping my clients achieve their goals, taking their lives to the next level and helping them shine. When you need to sell a house, buy a home, or invest in real estate, I’ll get the job done.

I also help people sell and buy vacant land, condominiums, townhouses, ranches and business opportunities - like purchasing an office or a restaurant.

A big part of my strength is that I work with a talented team of educated realtors who are super experienced with Seattle’s challenging real estate market and can navigate it perfectly to match your needs, whatever they may be.

I am also multilingual and am fluent in English, French and Arabic. In addition to living in the United States, I have travelled a lot and have lived in Lebanon, UAE, France, Ivory Coast, Belgium, Morocco, and all over the Middle East.

I currently live in Ballard with my two sons and I consider it to be my home, regardless of where I'm from. Feel free to contact me and you'll receive the Top Shelf Service!"

Greg Sage

Evergreen Home Loans
Loan Officer
NMLS# 1019445

Greg Sage loves cats.

In fact, Greg loves cats so much he has two of his own. He also loves helping people, and for the last six years, he helped residents in Washington obtain home loans.

Greg Sage loves his clients.

People who work with Greg can expect a high level of customer service, with responsive and clear communication throughout the process. Greg is not a fast-talking salesman. In fact, Greg is not a salesman at all. Greg assumes the role of trusted advisor so clients can make informed decisions about one of the largest financial investments they will make in their lifetime.

Cats and Clients love Greg.

Cats are not easy to win over. That’s because trust is earned. Greg has worked hard to garner the trust of his cats, and works even harder to gain the trust of the clients he helps home. Greg is devoted to using an ethical approach and delivering successful outcomes.