Every month, I produce a news letter and a report of recent home sales in the neighborhood. You can download the latest ones for your neighborhood here, or contact me (Dave@FlowersRealEstate.com) and I'll email it to you every month.

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Recent Home Sales
Piano Music

I try to keep the newsletter fresh with ever changing graphics and infographics. Enjoy this month's read!

These are the monthly sales reports I create each month for areas that I work in regularly. They are useful for seeing the values of homes recently sold in your neighborhood. If you want a report for an area not listed below, contact me - I'd be glad to provide it.

Everyone needs hope and inspiration! When I'm not immersed in Real Estate, I'm playing music. This is a recent recording of Twelve Waltzes I composed and performed. It's a free download for your ipod or stereo - I'm including it on here for inspiration.