Begin With A Budget

Buying a home begins with a simple step - determining your budget. As your broker, I can help you find a lender and start the process of getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for a loan.

Although it's recommended that you speak directly with a qualified lender to get accurate information, a simple rule of thumb for determining your budget is considering spending no more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income on housing costs, or 38 percent on all debt payments including housing costs.

Pre-approval vs. Pre-qualification

Pre-approval is a process of filling out a loan application, running your credit, and then getting a detailed report including total loan amount approved for, rate, monthly payment, and the type and length of the loan.

Pre-qualification is different than Pre-approval in that a loan officer or mortgage broker gives you an estimate of the amount he or she thinks you will qualify for.

Browsing Properties

Next, we'll determine what area(s) or neighborhood(s) you would like to purchase in and create a list of available properties that meet your needs and wants. We'll consider any and all critera that is important to you, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, school district, square footage, or even home style.

I'll setup a portal for you (think of it as a webpage) where you'll be able to browse properties on your own computer. I'm a technology guy, so I'll be able to keep you informed of new listings the moment they come onto the market. When you see a home that interests you, I can arrange a tour for you whenever is convenient for you. If you're not too good with computers, don't worry - I can either setup something simple for you to use and show you how to use it, or print out listings and bring them to you.

I'm Here To Represent You

When making an offer on a property your interested in purchasing, I am an experienced and skillful negotiator. In every process of buying your new home, remember that, as your broker, I represent YOUR best interest - it's helpful to have someone in your corner when dealing with property sellers and their brokers.

Finally, it goes without saying - I can handle your business with professionalism, care, and honesty. Not everyone can say that and mean it, but I can. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together and thanks for taking the time to consider me as your broker!

Talk to you soon!
Dave Flowers